Continental Christmas Breads

For me, there is nothing better than the smell of holiday baking. Here in the United States, a lot of the baked goods around the holidays can be traced to English tradition, using the available ingredients harvested during autumn like apples, pumpkins, carrots, and pears and warm spices like ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon. However,…

Book Review: In Memory of Bread

A memoir by Paul Graham

I just finished reading Paul Graham’s memoir In Memory of Bread. I read this book because I was perplexed at the explosion of gluten-free products everywhere. I’m a diabetic and it used to be that shelves in supermarkets were filled with sugar-free items but now those have been overtaken by gluten-free. Now I know that for most people, this is just another trend, a way to lose weight or get healthy. And one day, another trend will come along and dethrone it. But I was curious about the underlying reason why these products were developed.