Please pass the s’mores

Last year on National S’mores Day, I mentioned one thing about me which is a bit embarrassing in a culture of outdoor Americans — I have never gone camping. Oh, it’s not because I haven’t had the opportunity or any invitations to go on a camping trip. But camping is not my idea of a vacation. Plus I’m allergic to insect bites. Stopping at a scenic spot is enough communing with nature for me.

So, for someone who loves s’mores, I have never eaten roasted one over an open campfire.  According to Family Circle, 53% of s’mores are made over a campfire, 26% nukes them in the microwave, and 21% use a barbecue grill. But I’m surprised to find out that it is not unheard of to make and enjoy s’mores indoors like I do.

Ezvid Wiki spent 44 hours of research to make a list of the 9 Best S’mores Makers.  The list includes s’mores makers with prices ranging from $17.00-$75.00.  Most of the appliances look bulky and I would imagine storage would be an issue. Being information professional that I am, I headed over to Amazon to see if there are any s’more makers that I like. My top 3 are as follows:

  1. NutriChef Electric Fun S’mores Marshmallow Candy Maker and Melter


I like this one the best because the price is a reasonable $34.99. It’s compact and it looks easy enough to use. Take note that it’s not a candy maker. It doesn’t make marshmallows or any other candy. It is strictly a s’more maker but I like that it comes in white and not some zany color.

2. Sterno 70288 Family Fun S’mores Maker


Okay, this one is a bit cheaper at $22.49 and it uses a can of Sterno (already included). It’s the same heating used for chafing dishes at buffets, so there will be a small flame. My guess is this will roast the marshmallow almost as well as a campfire, without the smoke. A user says one can of Sterno lasts about 45 minutes.

3. Kovot 3-in-1 Treat Maker S’mores/Fondue and Gummies Station


I was a bit dubious of the 3-in-1 claim but upon reading the description, I think the product page is telling the truth. Aside from the being a s’more maker, you can melt gelatin mix to make gummies (instructions and molds included). It also works as a fondue. The unit uses an electric coil like the NutriChef model. The designs are similar, this just has more uses for the same price of $34.99.

Honorable Mention:

If you’re like me you probably have used the microwave to make s’mores. And I’ve watched marshmallows take on ginormous proportions while being nuked. Therefore, to solve this problem, Progressive International offers its Microwavable S’mores Maker.


This kooky-looking device cooks two s’mores at a time. Two arms hold down the crackers avoiding the expansion issue I mentioned above. There is a water reservoir which I wondered what for and here is the answer from James, an Amazon user: “Microwaves specifically heat water molecules in the food. This turns them to steam, and because the air in the microwave is actually cool, the steam then condenses. This process would usually make the crackers soggy but adding water allows you to melt everything and still have crunchy graham crackers.” Another user said that the chocolate doesn’t start melting until you take it out of the microwave and that’s something to remember to avoid overcooking the s’mores.

Whatever way you make s’mores on National S’mores Day tomorrow or on Labor Day Weekend, just bear in mind that kids should always be supervised around any source of heat. And also be careful before eating a piping hot s’more. You don’t want to burn your tongue or the roof of your mouth!

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