Hello, Summer!

For me, summer means ICE CREAM! It’s not a surprise that June is Ice Cream Month. When I was a kid, the local ice cream manufacturer, Magnolia, had vendors walk the streets with their products, ringing a bell as they go. As soon as I hear the bell, I’m begging my mom to get me a popsicle or an ice cream sandwich. Our budget was tight and if my mom is able to put aside more loose change, I get an ice cream cone which looks like the King Cone here in the U.S.  But when my dad took us to one of our favorite restaurants, he took me to the bar where the sundaes were made. Sitting on a high stool, I ordered a banana split with extra chocolate sauce and extra cherries!

Last Saturday, we went up to Carter Mountain Orchard and we had their delicious soft serve peach ice cream.  We go there to buy the best peaches, nectarines and raw honey. But this year they also had the darkest cherries I’ve ever seen. They are so sweet! I’ve already saved some of the ripest peaches to make my own peach ice cream. My hubby bought me an ice cream machine a couple of years ago so I could eat ice cream with less sugar. Commercial brands usually only have vanilla and chocolate. Pretty boring. So I make my own ice cream with only natural ingredients: cream, half the sugar, and fruit.  I miss the ice cream flavors available in Manila like halo-halo, ube, mango, cheese, mangosteen, sweet corn, and fruit salad.  Hmm, that’s a thought – I could recreate these with my ice cream machine.


My go-to spot for ice cream (and cupcakes!) is Small Cakes and they make awesome ice cream in-house. When I tasted their coconut ice cream, I was hooked. They rotate several flavors and coconut has been a bit elusive. But hey, I will eat any flavor on their menu. They make their own waffle cones which you can order dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. You can order a cupcake split to sandwich a scoop of ice cream. They also have a mashup of ice cream and cupcake which you can drink with a big straw.

But that is not as crazy as this giant 22-scoop sundae in Bangkok!

I wonder if this creation is nothing but a gooey mess by the time those guys get halfway eating this monstrosity.

Well, it’s time I eat the remainder of that tasteless sugar-free ice cream that’s occupying space in my freezer. I need to make room for my very own ice cream creations. That will be one of my projects this summer. That and my cake project. I will be posting about it soon.

Happy eating!

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