Restaurant Review: Hoffbrau Steaks

On my second trip to Dallas last week, I vowed to try a steak because I’m in beef country. I have tried burgers and barbeque so while in the historic district we went to Hoffbrau Steaks. It’s a small down-to-earth place with lots of Western-themed decor. There are a number of pricier steakhouses in the area but the relaxed, no-frills atmosphere appealed to me. We came at an odd hour, a little after 3:00 PM, so the place wasn’t so busy. We were seated right away at a table near the back. The place almost had the feel of an old-time saloon, since the bar was right at the front. There is also a second floor dining area. Several TV monitors showed the news and sports.

The server we had was very nice and accommodating. My son remarked that his root beer was a little flat so she replaced it right away. For an appetizer, I ordered the candied bacon which had 8 half-rashers served in a cup filled with crispy onion strings. They were delicious!  I also ordered a sirloin steak with mac and cheese, and my son and my husband both ordered chopped steak with fries and baked potato, respectively. The steaks were supposed to come with bread, salad, and one side. So I was surprised when the bread and salads did not arrive with our orders. I didn’t take pictures because the steaks looked kind of sad without its accompaniments.

When I asked the server, she said it was included but we have to ask for it. This is something new that I haven’t encountered before but she said that’s how they do it at Hoffbrau. I suppose they are avoiding waste, which is great, but I wish we were asked whether we wanted them or not. Anyway, we did order them and the bread was great and the salad fresh. The chopped steaks were juicy although my husband said they tasted a bit fatty. My sirloin was okay, one end seems a little more cooked than the other. It also lacked salt but I liked the flavor the grill imparted on the meat.  The prices at Hoffbrau are reasonable and I didn’t leave hungry since their steaks are bigger than what I’m used to. Maybe next time I’ll try their burgers which locals say are their best items.

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