Cooking term: Pochette

The luscious pastry featured here is from La Madeleine Country French Cafe located in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. La Madeleine is a franchise with locations between Texas and Washington, DC and down in Orlando, FL.  This post is not a review of La Madeleine, which was great, by the way, but I’d like to write about the term pochette because it is new to me. If you are a reader of my blog, you might have noticed I write about random cooking terms. That’s because I try to find out about things I don’t know or understand myself. I don’t claim to be an expert and I want to learn and share knowledge.

So, when my husband ordered a spinach pochette, I was intrigued. The lady who took his order called it a “poo-shay” and with my basic knowledge of French, I knew that it should be pronounced “poo-shet” (see pochette in Merriam-Webster) but did not bother to school her. So what is a pochette? Literally is it a diminutive of poche (pocket) so it’s a small pocket or envelope or purse. Therefore, anything that encases food in some form of dough pocket can be a pochette, like turnovers, empanadas, calzone, or pasties. I’m pretty sure almost every type of cuisine has a form of pochette.  It just sounds so much nicer in French!

Pochettes can be savory, like the spinach pochette  or  have a sweet filling. Melissa D’Arabian, has an adorable recipe for Petite Nutella Pochettes on the Food Network site.  You know you want to try  it – it has Nutella, people!




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