Restaurant Review: Mena’s Tex Mex Grill

This is a belated review of our last full meal with our son in Texas. He happens to live near this great Tex-Mex restaurant but he’s been so busy he hasn’t even been there. I have eaten there before during a previous visit. Both he and my husband were delighted at the quality of the food, price, and service. There was even a musician playing the harp.

Here in the East Coast, when you go into a Mexican restaurant, the complimentary tortilla chips come with a red salsa and a white dipping sauce. I honestly don’t  know what it’s made of but it’s delicious, tastes somewhat like ranch but more acidic. But in Texas, you won’t get this white dip. Instead we got a very fresh red salsa with cilantro and jalapeño and a green salsa made with juicy tomatillo.

Anyway, I ordered the Jaime platter, which included a pork tamale, rice and beans plus a crunchy taco. As you can see, I couldn’t wait to dig into my tamale. Good thing I remembered to take a picture. The taco was filled with flavorful beef with tons of cheese, tomato, and lettuce on the side.  In the background, is my husbands order of brisket burrito with salad, guacamole, and rice. That thing was stuffed of shredded, flavorful beef and topped with chile con carne sauce. My son ordered his usual: enchiladas of beef and cheese with rice. We all loved our orders and we were pretty sated by the end of the meal.

If you are ever in Carrollton, check this place out. It looks pretty classy and has outdoor dining but the prices are so reasonable and the food is fantastic. If you have room for dessert, be sure to order the tres leches cake. It’s one of the best I’ve tried.

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